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Chiropractic Newsletter gives you the versatility to deliver your newsletter by four distinct methods: through the web, video, printed, fax or any combination of them for maximum results when marketing your clinic, and to create trust and understanding of chiropractic with new and existing patients. The printer-compatible version as an attractive, completely customizable Word document providing you with the flexibility to rapidly customize and print high-quality color, or black and white newsletters that can be handed out to your patients and local businesses.

Bi-weekly, (unless you decide to send the newsletter only once a month), Chiropractic Newsletter’s completely automated system delivers an entirely customizable newsletter to your patients with your clinic’s name, or your name as the sender, with your contact information highlighted.

To see samples of Chiropractic Newsletter’s easy-to-implement templates and layouts, just click on the links below. Members can personalize the appearance and feel of your clinic’s newsletter, utilizing custom headers, colors and footers; edit content – remove any part content to better reflect your specific treatment philosophy; add content – communicate in your own “voice” forging a relationship with your patients that sets you and your clinic apart from all other competitors; edit any picture or logo – there are seven templates to choose from, as well as unlimited color selections.

Absolutely! Chiropractic Newsletter‘s dedicated staff will show you each and every step of the simple-to-use set-up process. There are detailed tutorials located in our members’ area that will quickly get you on the road to customizing every feature of your clinic’s newsletter. It’s as easy as using Microsoft Word…if you know how to use it, you’re minutes away from creating your newsletter.

There are definite advantages to a web-based newsletter over using standard mail, when your objective is to quickly grow your clinic…

  • Every day, there is an increase in email being used as the preferred way to communicate personal, public and business messages
  • Most of your patients use email, with several having multiple email accounts, that they check one or more times each day
  • Once prospective, new and current patients give their permission for you to reach them via email, it is the simplest, most cost effective way to market your clinic and foster relationships that attract new patients and generate referrals
  • Building rapport with your patients. They will look forward to receiving your newsletters, opening and reading them – unlike intrusive phone calls that go unanswered, or hung up on; post cards that are thrown away unread, or speaking engagements where you may be talking to a half-filled room
  • Patients click your link and read your newsletter twice every month.
  • Emails give you the ability to expand your audience, (list building), while the related expenses of this process stay virtually the same, or don’t increase whatsoever

Chiropractic Newsletter suggests you use a “balanced distribution” approach to ensure the maximum exposure for your clinic, and to create a rock-solid rapport with patients, that generates addition income: (30% emails / to 40% printed-mailed / 30-40% printed hand-outs for office use, or to leave with local businesses). These techniques are explained in more detail within the members’ area tutorials.

A website is not needed to use Chiropractic Newsletter. Every day that you delay, increases the likelihood that a competing chiropractor near you will sign-up before you do.

Chiropractic Newsletter comes with already created E-Books for you, saving you valuable time; they are customizable with your clinic’s contact information. It’s the fastest and easiest way to grow your subscriber database; so even without a website, your patient list grows; and your patients receive your rapport building newsletter twice each month.

Chiropractic Newsletter is programmed to be delivered via email to your subscriber list on the first and thirrd Mondays of every month. This is called the “delivery day”. Clients can login to their Chiropractic Newsletter account on the first and third Wednesdays – the “update” days – where they may see the newsletter that is programmed to be sent on the next “delivery day”. Should you choose to, you can alter the content, format, and message.

Any changes made after your initial customization are strictly optional because the system stores this information – updating the content area two times each month – keeping your logos and images the same. You have almost two weeks to edit the content before it is emailed to your patient list. If there are no changes to your initial set-up information you never have to login again with our completely done-for-you newsletter service.

The maximum number is 5,000 for your account, which can be expanded to 10,000 subscribers for an ‘added capacity’ fee of 39 dollars per month.

Definitely! YOU have complete creative control that allows you to add, remove, or edit the content of Chiropractic Newsletter in seconds with the personalization fields of your newsletter. Your newsletter’s uniqueness places it in the role of an ambassador for your clinic within the community. Print out a preview copy of your customized newsletter, to see its new design and format, by sending a test email.

Without a doubt, you could write a newsletter, but a great newsletter consists of more than just good content. The comparison chart that follows will help you to decide…

Chiropractic Newsletter Will Do the Heavy Lifting For You…

Everything done-for-you…Chiropractic Newsletter is guaranteed to give you the freedom to decide how you want to spend your valuable time. End the long hours added to your work days spent trying to figure out the best way to market your clinic to new and existing patients; establish a rapport with your patients and keep it, along with writing, editing, and formatting a newsletter every month that has fresh content. Stop being a virtual stranger to your family and friends because you feel too exhausted and overwhelmed by the end of every work day, for these truly important relationships. Chiropractic Newsletter will distinguish your clinic from your chiropractic competitors, delivering clear, consistent and compelling messages, professionally written, that influence and create more patients.

Each newsletter is sent to your patients with flawlessly written text, crystal-clear images, with articles that highlight different patient-relevant areas of chiropractic, clearly defining your niche of the chiropractic market, letting your patients know that chiropractors are more than doctors for back and neck pain, building trust through understanding. Chiropractic Newsletter will inspire patient actions that lead to calls to your clinic for appointments, and that will have patients talking about YOUR clinic to their family, friends and spheres of influence at work.

Yes, you most likely could write your own newsletter if you had the time and the energy for this monthly chore, but with Chiropractic Newsletter working hard for your clinic two times each month, connecting with new and current patients to build rapport and generate internal referrals with its completely done-for-you systems…why would you want to? Let us do the “heavy lifting” for your clinic starting today.

Absolutely! Chiropractic Newsletter guarantees that if you tryout our proven methods for a full 30 days, that within that time period, our completely done-for-you newsletter will get new patients for your clinic, and re-activate former patients through our built-in “patient call-to-action” tactics. They will call to schedule new appointments; that your rapport with current patients will be better than ever before, making them loyal to your clinic; and ALL patient groups will start to talk about and refer family, friends, and co-workers to your clinic.

After the full 30-days period, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just ask for money back, and you shall receive a full refund, no questions asked.

The privacy and security of any sensitive patient information is our number-one priority – period.

Chiropractic Newsletter complies with all industry “best practices” as they pertain to the security of all patient contact information you may receive for your clinic. Our state-of-the-art, secure server SSL encryption provides total security for your subscriber listings, and our dedicated technical support team monitors our systems 24/7.

Chiropractic Newsletter is $67 a month, for a month-to-month plan. If you choose nine months, you get three months FREE. The price for an annual membership is $603. All plans are protected by our unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason within the first 30 days, you can send us an email or call us, and we will give you an unconditional, no-questions asked FULL refund.

Members have a 30-day guaranteed full refund policy. If you are unhappy with Chiropractic Newsletter within the 30-day trial period, regardless of your plan choice, (month-to-month or one yr), 100% of your investment will be refunded upon your request.

Yes, you can alternate a company logo for a personal image. Please be aware, that the use of Chiropractic Newsletter is confined to a single account per location, due to our Area Exclusive License component. If your clinic / company have different locations, it will be necessary for you to buy separate accounts for each location.

Multiple locations use of Chiropractic Newsletter is granted with corporate accounts; where special corporate rates, (and substantial savings), are available.

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