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Read What These Top Private Practice owners Have To Say About Chiropractic Newsletter

“The Chiropractic Newsletter is well overdue to our industry. It provides a perfect (and low-cost) way of staying in front of our patients in the midst of schedules that get tighter each and every day. This tool not only has the potential to further enhance a patient’s opinion of the value of chiropractic, but also insures improved retention among active patients and thus better outcomes. This is a resource you’ll want to try!”

– John Smith DC

“The Chiropractic Newsletter system has allowed me to remind my patients about the benefits of chiropractic on a consistent basis It helps remind the community about the importance of chiropractic and its benefits. I like the fact that this patient friendly newsletter allows me to remain in the mind of my patients post discharge, and this is a simple way to set yourself apart from other providers in the area. This system has the ability to improve direct access referrals and physician referrals, because it helps us build credibility in the eyes of the referring doctors. This is a significant, Well thought out marketing plan and is a boon to the chiropractic community”

– Scott Thomas DC

“The Chiropractic Newsletter system has allowed me to remind my patients about the benefits of chiropractic on a consistent basis, without the need for me to dedicate time, energy and resources. I spent some time setting up my account, and am completely satisfied with the quality of content that is updated every other week and the automatic email delivery. This system stimulates direct access referrals and empowers me to stand out as the provider of choice in my community. I can introduce new products and services, which Will help the reputation and the credibility of my clinic. Strongly recommended as the #1 marketing tool for you clinic.”

– Liza James DC

“This is an outstanding product for chiropractors who wish to automate their marketing> As a chiropractor in the UK, I must say that such solutions are a welcome addition to clinics trying to juggle the demands of patient care and marketing at the same time and I think Nitin and the staff at Chiropractic Newsletter have done a sterling job in creating, delivering and offering customer support (Nitin personally called me twice to make sure I was able to maximise the use of the system). I would gladly recommend this to all chiropractors across the world”

– Elizabeth Thompson DC

“Nitin Chhoda has definitely helped with my “to-do” list, from starting a publication to developing ideas about marketing for direct access. The Chiropractic Newsletter service runs smoothly, features a great deal of customization, and provides me with a growing bank of marketing materials — a fabulous deal for the money! thanks …”

– Donald Moore DC

“This newsletter is a great tool to market to patients and doctors alike. The tips and secrets are very user friendly. I particularly like the refer-a-patient-click-here feature.”

– Anthony Walker DC

“This a great product and will be of tremendous benefit to chiropractors trying to market their practices. It is an absolutely amazing marketing powerhouse giving the user far greater flexibility than anything I have seen on the market.”

– Helen Adams DC